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    Yeon-Bum Choi Chairman of ALOM 2020

    Greetings from organizing committee of ALOM 2020 As the chairman and on behalf of scientific committee members, it is my honor to welcome you to the 3rd ALOM in Seoul, 2020. After the 1st and 2nd ALOM in Korea and Japan, the interests in lingual orthodontics have grown not only among Asian orthodontists but also among patients. Especially due to the characteristics willing to hide braces during treatment, more and more requirements of lingual orthodontics have begun to come from patients. Furthermore, the simplicity of treatment procedure advanced by new appliance and technology, more orthodontists can participate in lingual orthodontic treatment with fewer difficulties. Considering the development of lingual orthodontics, it is the perfect time for us, Asian orthodontists, to begin and develop our proficiency in the fields.

    Seoul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world being proud of preserved traditional villages along with advanced, updated skyscraper. You can enjoy finding the old and new trends in way of living and lingual orthodontics where the lingual orthodontics has fully developed.

    I am looking forward to seeing you in Seoul, at the 3rd ALOM, in 2020.

    Seong-Min Bae President of KALO

    Greetings from the President On behalf of the Korean Association of Lingual Orthodontists (KALO), I invite you to the 3rd Asian Lingual Orthodontic Meeting(ALOM) that will be held in Seoul, Korea, from the 4th to the 6th of April 2020 under the theme of í░Braces in Asia Embracing the Worldí▒. KALO and JLOA jointly held the commemoration and 6th KALO-JLOA joint meeting.

    Doní»t miss the many worldwide famous speakers presenters addressing the latest research and clinical experience and new emerging lingual orthodontists will introduce novel treatments and treatment concepts about lingual orthodontics. Additional features such as clinical oral presentations, poster presentations, table clinics, excellent case display, and lectures for dental technicians and dental hygienists will also highlight the meeting.

    Join your friends and colleagues for the academic events combined with opportunities to enjoy beautiful sceneries and attractions of Seoul, Korea.

    Ichiro Aizawa President of JLOA

    Greetings from JLOA Dear Delegates,

    Congratulations for the 3rd ALOM that will be held in Korea.

    Last meeting, the 2nd Asian Lingual Orthodontic Meeting was held in Shinagawa. At the same time as the ALOM meeting, the 30th anniversary of JLOA was held. Many doctors from Asia attended the event. Thank you for attending the conference during such a busy time the other day.

    I am very glad that orthodontists from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan will meet together again for the meeting and spend time to study the latest lingual research and address many others of interest to lingual orthodontists.

    Cheng-Tsung Huang President of TALO

    Greetings from TALO My dear friends of ALOM,

    It is my great pleasure to be elected as the 3rd president of TALO in June, 2019 in Taipei. First of all, on behalf of TALO, I would like to appreciate the organizer of KALO for inviting us to attend 3rd ALOM in Seoul.

    TALO was founded in 2009 by Dr. Ming-hsieng Lan at Kaohsiung ,and succeeded by 2nd president Dr. Hsi-yao Wu. Both of them did their effort in developing TALO and established good relationship with lingual society from all over the world. We invited famous lingual orthodontists from Japan, Korea, France, German, India to have great lectures for our members. To be honest, that really help TALO growing up quickly.

    Lingual orthodontics is evolving continuously. From the traditional manual method to digital solution, we actually gain great benefits from the technology support in our daily clinical practice. Indeed, the theme of this meeting is so attractive for us and we are looking forward to attend this outstanding meeting.

    I sincerely would like to show my deep appreciation to Dr. Bae,the president of KALO, Dr. Aizawa, the president of JLOA and all of colleagues from ALOM for organizing this great academic feast!

    Dr. Dinh Vinh Ninh Chairman of Vietnam

    Greetings from the Chairman of Vietnam Dear ALOM committee,

    First of all, I would like to express my deeply thanks to Dr. Yoen Bum Choi, during the last 3 year he had many time to come to Vietnam to teach us Lingual Orthodontics. Actually Vietnam not yet have much specialist program in Orthodontics and especially in lingual, but still, we have a small group of dentist around 30 dentist work on lingual treatment. We step by step built up the experience in treatment. Until present around 300 cases had finished with lingual treatment in Vietnam and I hope the quantity and quality will increase more in the near future.
    Thanks to your establishing the dental course which is collaborated with the Educational Central of National Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, we, Vietnamese doctors, could obtain an opportunity to learn more about and conduct the research on the high-end technologies of Lingual Orthodontics.

    I, Dr. Dinh Vinh Ninh, President of Vietnamese Orthodontist Association and Chairman of Orthodontics Department of the National Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, also would like to present my scientific publication on the dental treatment stages with the Lingual Orthodontics technologies, which we have acquired and applied during the past 3 years, at Asia's Orthodontics Conference in April 2020.

    Once again, it is my honor to express my gratefulness for Dr. Choi and his partners for their enthusiastic assistance with our work. We wish you all the best health and much success in your career.

    Best regards!
    Dr. Dinh Vinh Ninh

    Dr. Geoffrey Wexler President of
    Australian Lingual
    Society of Orthodontists

    Greetings from Dr Geoffrey Wexler, President of Australian Lingual Society of Orthodontists I sincerely Thank Dr Yeon-Bum Choi and all the other organisers for their sincere efforts to bring us together. The coming ALOA meeting will be great.

    The future is bright and exciting for lingual orthodontics in our whole World.
    Invisible orthodontics is wanted more than ever!

    As lingual orthodontists we are more capable than ever before to provide truly powerful, fast, effective hidden treatment. We have increased advantages through accelerating knowledge and engineering technology improvements. This coming ALOA meeting will reveal even more advancement of new and fascinating techniques.

    From my first-hand knowledge, and at our recent amazing Australian Lingual meeting in Sydney, I know Asian Lingual Orthodontics is one of the Worldí»s leading repositories of skill, energy and innovation for Lingual. We are on a huge roll! See you in Seoul.

    Please come to Melbourne, to ASLO, 05-08 August 2020, it will also be fantastic.